I'm engaged, shouldn't I be happy?

I'm engaged, shouldn't I be happy?

It happened. You said yes. The celebrations, the ring, & the dress is too much excitement for you to handle. How could life be this good right? Fast forward a month or two; between the planning, the budget, and the continual asking, "Can I bring a plus one?" (please don't be this person), the excitement that was once there seems nearly extinct. Questions start racing through your head. Should I be this stressed? Should I be this unhappy? How often am I supposed to get in an argument with my significant other? Or maybe you aren't asking these questions, but this season seems to be heavy. Should it be? Well in short, no. It really doesn't have to be, but it is ok if it is, you'd probably be lying if you said it wasn't. 

We get it. We've been there. Wedding planning is stressful. Take away your "to do" list (or if you're like us, your mother's "to do" list) and you're still vowing your life to another person. That's a BIG commitment. We're talkin forever here folks. The emotional stress of moving from one chapter to the next is not supposed to be easy. We've conditioned ourselves to think that easy is good and hard is bad. It's not. In fact we need to do more hard things in life (you didn't think it would be that type of wedding blog did you?! kidding, but seriously).  Nothing ever comes from comfort zones or taking the easy way out. 

We all handle stress differently. Some are better than others. And if you're a Covid bride (I'm sure you hate the sound of that by now), you know this all too well. Here are some simple steps to make this season more enjoyable.

1. Take a break. Yup thats right. Ditch your to do list. It will get done, trust me. Get a mani pedi or hit your favorite restaurant for some drinks & don't talk about the wedding. But for real, make that reservation now. Continually put adventures into place to celebrate your marriage & this season. It shouldn't be all work and no play.

2. Delegate. We weren't created to handle all the weight. Ask friends, co-workers, or family for help if you're on a budget. If you can hire a planner, do it, they basically stress out for you. Kidding. But maybe not? Anyways, It's worth all the money. Your planner can make or break this season for you. Make sure he or she isn't making it more stressful. If you're anything like me you are rolling your eyes right about now. Why would I depend on someone else when I could do it better myself? That's what I use to think. How foolish. News flash, the wedding is one day out of eternity with your spouse, what do you really want to put the most effort into preparing for? But if you haven't, seriously, send that text right now. You'd be surprised at how many people would gladly stamp those wedding invites for you. 

3. Remind yourself of the end goal. To get down the aisle & have a happy marriage right? Bring it back to square one. Remember when you slipped that engagement ring on your finger, heart pounding, & you were just so happy to love and be loved? Take it back to that moment. Remember to get people in your corner that will remind you of this today & everyday after you say I do.

We hoped this helped. Remember you aren't alone & what you are experiencing is normal. Be easy on yourself & try to let it grow you.





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