20 Ways To Cut Wedding Costs Now

20 Ways To Cut Wedding Costs Now

Weddings are without a doubt one of the most exciting occasions- however, they can be extremely pricey. There are hidden costs through every step & if you're not careful, you can soon find yourself going over budget. The last thing you want to do in the engagement season is stress yourself out. Wouldn't it be nice to have the wedding of your dreams without having to sacrifice every step along the way? Here are 20 ways you can cut wedding costs now. 

1. Ditch the menu cards. Do people really need to see whats on the menu? It's not like their choosing right then and there. Save the cash & time. 

2. Trash the escort cards. They get thrown away anyways. 

3. DIY signage. Don't have good handwriting? Find a stencil & go to town.

4. Ditch the ceremony program. Not only is it an extra cost but they get thrown all over the venue. If people are interested, putting it on your wedding website. 

5. Buy your dress at a sample store. We get it. It's the dress and it is a big deal. Maybe you can't bring yourself to rent one, but there are tons of local sample sales & you still get to support your favorite designers and wedding shops.

6. Consider other days of the week to wed. Its no surprise that Friday's and Sundays are a little more affordable; but have you considered a Thursday? You could save thousands.

7. Use candles as decor. Not only are they insanely romantic, they can be a little more affordable than florals and other decor. Buy them from the dollar store or at a wholesale cost!

8. Ditch the invites. I know I know. This is crazy right? You'd be surprised how many people love this. Create a free wedding website and send out email or text invites and updates. Now if you cant bring yourself to do this, checkout Zazzle, they run 50% off invitations quite frequently. Your welcome Zazzle for the free advertising ;)

9. Skip a save the date and send out your invitations early. Who said you have to wait until 2-3 months before your wedding to send out invites? 

10. More greenery and less florals. 

11. Skip the boutinere. Keep it special for the groom!

12. Use some of the florals from the ceremony for the reception! 

13. Speaking of reusing florals, do the same for chairs! have the bridal party or clean up crew transfer the chairs from the ceremony to the reception tables!

14. Ditch the table runner or DIY cheesecloth. Cheesecloth is beautiful and inexpensive. Go to your local crafts store or order online. Buy fabric dye if you want to change up the color!

15. You don't need a full bar. Lets be real, people just love alcohol. We love offering beer, wine, and & signature drink!

16. Cake is sweet but it usually gets thrown out. Offer a candy bar or a donut wall. 

17. Skip the favor. Unless it is edible, they usually get left behind or thrown out anyways.

18. Cut down your invite list & limit the plus ones. The Wedding Planning Guide offered simple but super helpful questions to ask yourself before sending that invite. How would you feel if you were not invited to their wedding? Would you mind talking to them for 15 whole minutes on your wedding day? Are they an ex? Do you know their last name? Have you talked to them in the last 6 months? If they invited you to dinner next week, would you actually want to go?

19. Ditch the engagement party. Go out to the bar or dinner with your bridal party instead to celebrate.

20. Start feeding your guests dinner or lunch immediately after the ceremony! No need to serve appetizers during cocktail hour. Get the show on the road so you have more time to party!




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